It is really obvious why.

The first time I ever dated someone, I was often asked this question: "Why do you love me?". I didn't have an answer then but I do have a new perspective now. This poem isn't for that first someone but it is based around her question. We all get asked the same question and I hope to answer some of them. Read: "It's really obvious why. Because like moonlight, you made my scars beautiful. You tasted like burning scotch..."

When It Comes to Art.

When it comes to art, Layers of life are peeled out of you. Everything unimaginative and futile, is replaced with emotions. You become human, and then bear its curse. When it comes to art, you feel everything. (Read more)


Every now and then, I write about myself, about how I am just another person, and about how I am an infinity. Christmas, hot chocolate and love have always been mentioned here or there in my poetry. Here is a small and brief glimpse into my obsession: