Whisky flowers.

Whisky flowers. "She's at peace, and yet somehow on fire." - Samantha King She's the flower you give to your Valentine. She's gorgeous and she just always smells so good? She's the scotch whisky you drink at a meeting. She makes you feel alive, and makes you forget everything wrong with you and this world. … Continue reading Whisky flowers.


Mirror "Mirror mirror on the wall, What is it that you want to say? Today is the day; So please say it all." "Last Tuesday You broke down Over that stupid stupid boy, You cried and cried Tried and tried to fix things, but in vain. On Friday, You came home smiling A new bracelet … Continue reading Mirror


Friends. "Sometimes, happy memories hurt the most." - Unknown Memories can hardly ever be photographed. Will one picture and the thousand words it speaks be enough to justify what the memory means to you? It never will, for me. For the past three years, I have missed home more than it might have missed me. … Continue reading Friends.

My darkness.

My darkness. He did not remind me of big pretty things like the moon. He did not remind me of the sacrifices people have made for love. He did not  remind me of the stars lighting of the night sky, or the warmth of the campfire or the wolf howling for the moon. He wasn't … Continue reading My darkness.

What were we like?

What were we like? We were like two phrases lost in translation. We made perfect sense in a language that I spoke and not at all in the language you knew. We were like two stars that almost seemed to be touching, but were light years away. You wouldn't know if I collapsed before it … Continue reading What were we like?