There are some things that bother me every night after 2 AM, after I listen to music with lyrics that do nothing except reminding me that you'll never be mine. It bothers me that I'll never love someone this way ever again. Love changes everyday, and it bothers me that you'll never be my constant. … Continue reading 11:11s.


Broken. "I'm always tired, but never of you" - Gnash She smelled of sweet syrups and fresh roses, of expensive perfume and cheap thrills, of long drives and messy hair. I miss her. I miss the songs that we sang at the top of our voices, the pictures that we clicked with our dog between … Continue reading Broken.

To my life-savers.

To my life-savers. Dear F.R.I.E.N.D.S, It's been a long time, almost 14 years now. How have you managed to shape the lives of not just yourself, but millions others so wonderfully? I don't know how many times someone has said this to all six of you, and yet I'll say this one more time : … Continue reading To my life-savers.


Painting. Black skies With greying clouds of hair Plastered to the sand dunes That stretch down to where two thick and furry cats lay. Their tails spread graciously, Just above the eyes. Two distant planets, Beyond understanding, and reach Sparkle like a star under The tails of the beings. The tails touch each other, At weird … Continue reading Painting.


Grey. Love can be cruel. You're falling apart, drowning in your own tears, wondering where you went wrong and the damned thing still gives hope. Your wrist is cut, your mascara smeared all over, your head is dizzy and the damned thing will still not let you let it go. You are wearing long sleeves … Continue reading Grey.