Whisky Words: Project (15)

This is Submission FIFTEEN of The Whisky Words. The Whisky Words is a writing project (and a giveaway). The winner has been announced.

Chaos, disturbance, and disharmony,

Is not the balance of Mother Nature.
Just another creature,
A part of nature.
Power, injustice and failure,
A magnificent lure,
Pulling me,
Into it.
Development is well-being,
Or is it?
Whatโ€™s hiding underneath.
Peeling away layers,
Underneath the sheath,
Of a sword.
“Itโ€™s double-edged”, he said.
Not afraid,
Of slicing through one layer,
With excitement,
while tearing me inside.
Hey, I am just a rookie slayer,
In a world full of chaos.

– Ovee Thorat

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