Wake up call.

Wake up call.

More often than not,
I’ve slept my problems away.
My problems have been
Like a beast in the dungeon,
Like a dragon in the caves
of the tall golden mountains
that echoes like my mind.
I’ve used sleep as a defense mechanism,
and defeated such dragons,
over and over in my dreams.
My problems have been
Like a task for me,
Like a big step that I have to take,
in order to survive,
amidst the world of flames and cuts.
I’ve used sleep to procrastinate,
and thought everything through.
Used the veil of a perfectionist,
to cover my hopes in a belief of awakening.
My problems have been
Like a clock that is ticking away.
I’ve used sleep as my fingers,
and removed the cell.

I’ve decided to wake up.

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6 thoughts on “Wake up call.

  1. I am again like a child. I love sleep, but I never want to give i to it; there are so many good things to do while I am awake. Maybe being eighty-four give me a sense of urgency to do something else before sleeping. Either that or I’m in my second child-hood! :D Thanks for the like on my haiku today.

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