Travel bird.

Travel bird.
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Go to places,
Find mountains that remind you of people,
And seas that make you forget everything.
Discover old streets that whisper stories,
and broken buildings that look like broken bones.
Sleep out the day, learn to love the dark.
Sleep out the night, learn to love the light.
Close your eyes and feel the wind,
and rustle like a tree under the burning sun.
Giggle under the stars,
and among the ruins,
Just like the people who lived there
A long time ago,
probably did.
Paint your passports,
and cut in your bucket list,
instead of your wrists.

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13 thoughts on “Travel bird.

  1. “Giggle under the stars she did,
    For the moonlit scars on her once painted wrists;
    Were now like old streets that whispered stories,
    And she drowned in your seas of poetry,
    that made her forget everything…”

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