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Broken things stay.

I love personifying things that matter in our lives. Poetry and love has to be two of the most important things on that list. So yeah, here's my attempt that making Poetry and Love just like you and me. This is how it starts "Poetry was a twenty year old, 5'7", super shy but very"....

Because I’m a magician.

In 1999, when I was ten, my dad took me to a magic show. The show was at four in the morning and I tried convincing him to let me sleep but nothing worked that day. "Rahim, this jaadugar will change your life!" he said and we went for the show. Turns out, he was right. Twenty years later - today - I'm the magician.....

Some breathing space.

I used my state of mind the past week to write a little something today! It's about how some breathing space can do people a world of good - especially for those who rely on others a lot. It starts like this - "She asked for some breathing space he first time w fought....."