Always? I had to choose you or me I chose you. You had to choose me or you, You chose yourself So we loved you twice and me not at all. You left me anyway. You left me devastated and empty. Another came along. I had to choose Her or me I chose me. She … Continue reading Always?

How often do you think about me?

When someone touches your hair/Laughs at your jokes/Hurts you/Or just watches you giggle endlessly [..]

What does happiness mean to you?

Happiness can be a thousand different things for a thousand different people. It can be your one true love, or your best-friend smiling. Anything. What does happiness mean to me? Find out.

A ghost with a beating heart

A ghost with a beating heart I've been asked 'Are you okay?' Way too many times. And I've answered Way too many times 'I am fine.' My voice has been firm Quite unlike my smile That trembles For just a little while But manages to lie. I try. There are no cuts On my hand, … Continue reading A ghost with a beating heart