Whisky Words: Project (6)

This is Submission SIX of The Whisky Words. The Whisky Words is a writing project (and a giveaway). The winner has been announced. Him His white shirt, His deep blue jeans, His disheveled good hair, And a smile so sweet; He had me at 'Hi' Oh, how he knew it, I was falling, He pushed … Continue reading Whisky Words: Project (6)

This damn world.

This world, It is filled with Desperate tongues and restless emotions, Pretty dandelions and harsh sunlight. It is made of Prying eyes and numbing sentiments, Love roses and dirty soil. It dances to the beats of Missiles and declarations of war, Screams of innocents and catchy tunes. It gets excited when A trend takes over, … Continue reading This damn world.


"O heart, be patient" - Qur'an My heart has been jumping around, Quite a lot since, I became old enough to feel it. My heart beats faster, with every sheep I count, one sheep, two sheep, and three. Maybe it just loves to dream, And since I've grown old enough, And since the things I've … Continue reading Hearts