Blue, Pink, Grey

Blue, Pink, Grey The strangest thing I've seen her do is build a sky on her own. She took a piece of paper and a blue crayon and started coloring from the top left. She colored diagonally, and when she was half-way through, I thought she'd stop and pick up a different color to finish. … Continue reading Blue, Pink, Grey

Strangers with Pizza boxes.

It's high time we started talking to one another. While the first half of this century will be famous for introverted artists, that's not how the real stories will survive. In this poem, I talk about strangers and stories. It goes something like this: "If you look carefully when walking on a busy street, you'll see rainbow kite strings around the neck of every stranger...."

A twist of fate.

Keyla lived in a world where mythologies were the real deal. It was common to be in the presence of the god of the sea or hear stories from witnesses of age-old wars like the Mahabharata. Her day looked something like this: waking up when the sun sang songs loud enough for the world to hear, working all day on things that were routine but barely mattered and sleeping when the stars thought it was time. The Trojan war had just recently ended and things were.....

Pendants and tattoos.

Elisabeth's routine that day was very similar to all the other days, except that 'something different' that caused this story.

My therapist talks too much.

"You're poetic, you know?" I told my therapist, who was a forty-year-old single mother. Read more about how this conversation ended. It happens to be very cute.