limitless. Someone said to me, “the sky is just a glass dome shielding us from a cold world where we wouldn’t survive and when it’s dark outside you can see the snow collected on the sky,” and there are three things about this snowfall sky that I have a problem with, personally, globally, creatively. One. … Continue reading limitless.

Fairy-tale love.

Friends, if you like reading my work, do share it with your friends (on whatever social media you deem appropriate). Also, Happy Valentine's Day! "Someday you"ll be old enough to start reading fairy-tales again." - C.S. Lewis He was real. She didn't think he would be. The first time he laughed, it was like fireworks … Continue reading Fairy-tale love.

A new shade.

Is it just me who's blind, Or did the world go blind too? I don't know where, or how to look for the answer, without my eyes. The wind can speak, And the leaves can gossip. The sun can giggle, And the clouds can cry. How has this remained a secret for so long? Every … Continue reading A new shade.