Self-love or otherwise.

Self-love or otherwise. Your first attempt at loveteaches you true love.The ‘I’ve got to make this work’ kind,the innocent, ‘vanilla is the best’ kind,the unconditional, ‘always? always.’ kind.For me, the girl was a reincarnationof everything I had ever loved.There were no terms and conditions,no warnings,and we didn’t take steps one day at a time.Our bed … Continue reading Self-love or otherwise.

Things I fell in love with this Summer.

A list of things I fell in love with this Summer. A short revisit to one of your favorite poetry themes.

A guide towards self love.

Comment down below more ways towards self love, and let the knowledge spread. Share this with your friends so that they can do it too. Enjoy! Self love is being happy and alive without being drunk. And with the amount of liquor that flows in our veins today, it is pretty obvious that we barely … Continue reading A guide towards self love.