Dilruba Samandar

"When I was seven, my father and I went on a little trip to a city close by for five days. A mini-vacation to Bologna filled with questions and games. On the fourth day, when we were both tired of the games, I decided to ask him all kinds of questions. There were questions about Shakespeare and Frost, about Pizza and cheese, about answers I'd never gotten in my bedtime stories, and about mom.....


Life is a bright sun, but it is also a tornado. These are not real stories, but the problems are real. Also, these are two different stories. I hope we survive. She was only eleven when this had happened. It was a sunny afternoon and she wanted to play with her friends in the park. … Continue reading Life.

Whisky Words: Project (9)

Illumine the stars This is Submission NINE of The Whisky Words. The Whisky Words is a writing project (and a giveaway). The winner has been announced. Hers Is a restless soul in the black abyss of a beautiful world. A world where heartbeats are numb in the crowds of screaming rivals Her soul, a misfit … Continue reading Whisky Words: Project (9)