Dreams and sleep.

There is a reason we love to sleep. When you spend your entire day fighting monsters, And watch yourself lose anyway, You get tired and your shoulders slouch. When the sword becomes too heave to carry, But the villain still triumphs, You get fed up and your eyes feel drowsy. When you stay up all Christmas night, But Santa never shows up, You are disappointed and you go to bed. (Read more)

The one with women.

The number in the first two statistics are true and have been taken from here and here. This is here to spread awareness, and not to degrade or leave out men. Smile everyone! Also, leave a comment telling about what problems any one of you have faced. One in every six women has been sexually … Continue reading The one with women.

Love thyself.

Hey. I believe that there are so many of you out there who deserve to be read, and heard. So, I am starting a project, wherein I will post compositions made by you on my blog throughout March (and to spice it up a bit, giveaway a book to the author of my favorite post). … Continue reading Love thyself.

Hope and caution. 

Hope and caution. "If only you knew how terrified I am." - Unknown I'm the pieces of a puzzle no one wants to solve. Not even me. Why would I when it will only make an abstract image that makes no sense? Why would I when I've been told time and time again by my … Continue reading Hope and caution.