I have a few questions. How terrible must a world be for innocents to die and rogues to live? How terrible must a world be for just two words to be able to sum it up? "Me too." How terrible must a world be for hearts to be broken and promises alike? How terrible must … Continue reading Earth.

A new shade.

Is it just me who's blind, Or did the world go blind too? I don't know where, or how to look for the answer, without my eyes. The wind can speak, And the leaves can gossip. The sun can giggle, And the clouds can cry. How has this remained a secret for so long? Every … Continue reading A new shade.


There are some things that bother me every night after 2 AM, after I listen to music with lyrics that do nothing except reminding me that you'll never be mine. It bothers me that I'll never love someone this way ever again. Love changes everyday, and it bothers me that you'll never be my constant. … Continue reading 11:11s.


Mirror "Mirror mirror on the wall, What is it that you want to say? Today is the day; So please say it all." "Last Tuesday You broke down Over that stupid stupid boy, You cried and cried Tried and tried to fix things, but in vain. On Friday, You came home smiling A new bracelet … Continue reading Mirror