A tale of the five senses – 2

Humans don't use one of their senses to feel something. What makes you think stories can? A tale of the five senses started with the story of rape and is now discussing another important topic.

Stories and poems that we share.

Sometimes, hurricanes and poems are named after people. Humans are made of poetry and life. Eyes are the best story-tellers. I saw her. I don't…

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How extraordinary came to be.

I go through a personal tale to explain how the word extraordinary came to be. Why was being more normal considered to be a great thing, and is that what my goal should be? To be a little more of everything that we all are? Apparently, yes.

The rainbow is here.

I don't often write things based off of the current festival, or nation month but today is different. I choose my platform to announce to the world that the rainbow has arrived in India. Hope you like this, and congratulations!