It is okay.

It is okay. You can call this part two of Travel Bird if you want to. In both, we've only discussed how you should live. In this particular post, I wanted to talk about so many things we stop ourselves from doing for the weirdest reasons. Don't stop yourself. Enjoy! And comment, a lot. Go ahead.Stand taller … Continue reading It is okay.


Always? I had to choose you or me I chose you. You had to choose me or you, You chose yourself So we loved you twice and me not at all. You left me anyway. You left me devastated and empty. Another came along. I had to choose Her or me I chose me. She … Continue reading Always?


"And we created you in pairs." - Qur'an 78:8 When the love of your life is on her knees, holding a promise of forever in the ring in her hand, and asks you to marry her, do you know what it means? You'll wake up every morning to find her sleeping beside you, or smiling … Continue reading Diamonds.

A ghost with a beating heart

A ghost with a beating heart I've been asked 'Are you okay?' Way too many times. And I've answered Way too many times 'I am fine.' My voice has been firm Quite unlike my smile That trembles For just a little while But manages to lie. I try. There are no cuts On my hand, … Continue reading A ghost with a beating heart