It is okay.

It is okay. You can call this part two of Travel Bird if you want to. In both, we've only discussed how you should live. In this particular post, I wanted to talk about so many things we stop ourselves from doing for the weirdest reasons. Don't stop yourself. Enjoy! And comment, a lot. Go ahead.Stand taller … Continue reading It is okay.


Alcohol makes me drunk. You make me sober. Give me prompts in the comments section below! Enjoy reading. Despite being six vodka shots down, I was sober as I called you. It isn't possible to drunk-dial you, Because you are like a good night's sleep. Just the thought of you slows down my heart-beat, and … Continue reading Sober.

Wake up call.

Wake up call. More often than not, I've slept my problems away. My problems have been Like a beast in the dungeon, Like a dragon in the caves of the tall golden mountains that echoes like my mind. I've used sleep as a defense mechanism, and defeated such dragons, over and over in my dreams. … Continue reading Wake up call.

Whisky Words: Project (8)

This is Submission EIGHT of The Whisky Words. The Whisky Words is a writing project (and a giveaway). The winner has been announced. Vita Brevis Youth, Fleeting. A journey to the stars, voyage of dreams. My heart aches for all that you were, all that I did not know. We must cry when our hearts … Continue reading Whisky Words: Project (8)

A necklace of hope.

Ghosts do exist. I've faced a ghost. Everyone has. The first time she was haunted by one was when she fell in love. When he kissed her for the first time, her hands found his hair, but her thoughts could not find a reason to believe that he would stay. She opened her eyes mid-way, … Continue reading A necklace of hope.