Too much.

Steve was heartbroken the day Husky died but was always afraid to admit it because he believed heartbreaks had become cliché. There were too many poets writing about it, too many eyes crying over it, too many stories ending because of it. He believed heartbreaks had become 'too much' and he was born a minimalist....

Maybe – A shadow dance.

Maybe - A shadow dance. If this piece leaves you a tad bit confused, I want you to know it was intentional. Enjoy! Twelve nights ago, I was sitting by the window with my head pressed against the pane. The moon and I were in an intense staring contest when something caught my attention. My … Continue reading Maybe – A shadow dance.

What does happiness mean to you?

Happiness can be a thousand different things for a thousand different people. It can be your one true love, or your best-friend smiling. Anything. What does happiness mean to me? Find out.

How to: Be poetry.

What makes you poetry? To love yourself, you need to realize you are poetry. Let me know in the comments section below. Enjoy! Hold a paw, and wake up to the woof or the meow of a furry cushion. Travel, to the closest grocery store open past midnight and buy that candy you used to … Continue reading How to: Be poetry.


Just read it till the end, please! ❤ Hey. Goodbyes can be such a pain in the ass. I'm not ready for it. I cannot believe that Your intoxicating eyes Won't be my morning sun anymore. Your heavy breath Won't to be the first thing You share with me anymore. We won't enjoy long walks, … Continue reading Stay.