I came up with the first two lines and the last two lines about two weeks ago. Then, I used them as a prompt and expanded it into a poem. The thing about prompts for poetry is, it doesn't have to be one word. Here is the prompt I came up with: You told him your favorite color, he shrugged and said “okay”. You told me your favorite color and I painted the whole sky with it.........

Travel bird.

Travel bird. Share your travel stories in the comment section below. Go to places, Find mountains that remind you of people, And seas that make you forget everything. Discover old streets that whisper stories, and broken buildings that look like broken bones. Sleep out the day, learn to love the dark. Sleep out the night, … Continue reading Travel bird.

A new shade.

Is it just me who's blind, Or did the world go blind too? I don't know where, or how to look for the answer, without my eyes. The wind can speak, And the leaves can gossip. The sun can giggle, And the clouds can cry. How has this remained a secret for so long? Every … Continue reading A new shade.