A new shade.

Is it just me who's blind, Or did the world go blind too? I don't know where, or how to look for the answer, without my eyes. The wind can speak, And the leaves can gossip. The sun can giggle, And the clouds can cry. How has this remained a secret for so long? Every … Continue reading A new shade.

The big bang theory.

The big bang theory. Big This terrible world we live in, is beautiful. Miracles are all around us. We are miracles. What else do we need to believe? It'll take a second for the next big bang to wipe our existence, and yet every morning the sun colors the sky in hues of orange, yellow … Continue reading The big bang theory.

My happy place

My happy place "Dance with the water, move with the sea. let the rhythm of the water set your soul free." - Christy Ann Martine The warm smell of summer, The heat of the sand, Breeze mixed with splashes Of water and calm. The waves moving back and forth Becoming a metaphor all along. The … Continue reading My happy place