Broken, happy stories.

You know how everyone has a passion, something they love so much, and sometimes they pursue it and make a career in it? That wasn't Tyrion. He was a dry-cleaner who loved wearing fancy clothes that fit him perfectly. His favorite were solid colored t-shirts that never looked fancy but made him feel like a part of this world...


Tsunami I'm as messed up as this poem. This just might not make sense. Home. It's a strange place You never know where you'll feel it. Two arms and music inside a chest Or four walls and family dinners, spin the bottle and hopeless friends, Or maybe just a city. My mind is a crazy … Continue reading Tsunami

A pack of color pencils.

A pack of color pencils. "Humans are fragile creatures made up of broken hearts and broken promises." - Unknown The water at the end of the desert. That is what a promise is made of. It's not real. Young Rue thought that Santa would send a present this year too. She had been a good … Continue reading A pack of color pencils.

Languages, medicines and magicians.

What has music been for you? Let me know in the comment section below! Enjoy reading. "Music is a safe kind of high." - Jimi Hendrix Music is a language, a medicine and a magic trick. Dance to it. Music was his mother-tongue. His tongue fumbled when he spoke English as if it were a … Continue reading Languages, medicines and magicians.