13 reasons why.

13 reasons why. Love is an eight-year old, flying around and playing all the time. His favorite toy is a bow and arrows. I am so sorry, but his mother had failed to teach him that violence wasn't the answer, because every time she did, he'd pout and say 'But I make them feel happy'. … Continue reading 13 reasons why.

A villain who fell in love.

Is this a love story? I don't know. I was fourteen when I fell in love. The girl was beautiful. Not 'eyelashes on point, pink lips and tiny waist' beautiful, she was 'fuck you if you think of me as a villain waiting for your opinion' beautiful. She barely liked me. Yes, we spoke till … Continue reading A villain who fell in love.

The thin line.

There is a very thin line between being the best versions and losing all will. Between positive and negative criticism. You see, life [..]

Inside my head.

What do I think about? Is it love or my family? Or is it a wonder trip and all-nighters? I think of rainbow unicorns, with soft wavy hair like my mother used to have, and a horn that sharpens as a spiral, much like my thoughts. It has eyes like me father's, and crooked teeth … Continue reading Inside my head.