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Goodbyes can be such a pain in the ass.
I’m not ready for it.
I cannot believe that
Your intoxicating eyes
Won’t be my morning sun anymore.
Your heavy breath
Won’t to be the first thing
You share with me anymore.
We won’t enjoy long walks,
And windy drives,
Crazy fights and funny sights anymore.

I’m not ready for it.
I cannot let go of you.
Memories won’t suffice.
I remember the time we first met.
You hugged me, and kinda danced too.
The first day we spent together,
Ice cream and chill,
Our favourite thing.
The first time we got wet
As it rained,
And you taught me how much fun it could be.
I’m drunk all the time,
You make me sober.

I am not ready for it.
I need you.
I need to hold your hands
As if they were a part of me.
I need you to brighten my days,
And lonely dark nights.
Eating won’t be fun anymore,
Without you around to steal my food.
Who will be my alarm clock,
The only one I never want to snooze?

I am not ready for it.
I’m drunk all the time,
You make me sober.
You’re not just a pet

You’re so much more than a pet.
You’re family.
Don’t die on me.

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37 thoughts on “Stay.

  1. Beautiful; love is love!

    It reminds me of when my kids were younger, and their birds died. They were devastated, and I could hardly bring myself to tell them.

    Be sober, be drunk with grief; but may the intoxication, live within your heart forever.

    Love is love; beautiful.

  2. Oh. My. God. So damn emotional bro… Great choice of words… Your poems inspire me to write on those lines as well… check out my blog and click that follow icon ;) :)

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