Alcohol makes me drunk. You make me sober. Give me prompts in the comments section below! Enjoy reading.

Despite being six vodka shots down,
I was sober as I called you.
It isn’t possible to drunk-dial you,
Because you are like a good night’s sleep.
Just the thought of you slows down my heart-beat,
and makes me feel at home.
I don’t need to be drunk around you,
as I tell you everything anyway.
I’m not afraid of blabbering on and on,
Like a tape on repeat,
Because you’ve said that I am your favorite song.
I do everything with you,
that I wouldn’t even dream of, unless drunk.
You are a glass of water,
for every shot that I have.
You’re salt and lime,
and my poetry’s rhyme.
If I am so alive with you,
How can liquor make drunk
as I call you?

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7 thoughts on “Sober.

  1. It’s great, Utsav. As for the prompts, maybe try to write a poem based on the word ‘whisper’. Or perhaps you could write a poem that runs parallel chaos of nature and learned organization that we see everywhere around us.

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