“Mirror mirror on the wall,
What is it that you want to say?
Today is the day;
So please say it all.”
“Last Tuesday
You broke down
Over that stupid stupid boy,
You cried and cried
Tried and tried
to fix things,
but in vain.
On Friday,
You came home smiling
A new bracelet
around your wrist;
And a rose in your fist.
Monday you sulked around,
Too tired to go to school,
Too tired to even wake up,
So you skipped.
This Wednesday,
You shouted at your mom,
and vented to your friend.
Only to apologize later
For the fault that was yours.
And on Thursday,
You broke down again,
You were in so much pain
but it was over for good.
Also, today morning
In the pink dress and a black hat,
You looked a little fat.”

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