Little pockets of love.

Hey! I’ve seen people search for love so much, I decided to write something on a part of it. This is my attempt. It’s about where a certain someone looks for love and where she’ll end up finding it. Do tell me if you like it. Give me prompts in the comments below and follow me on Instagram! I post written stuff there too. Enjoy :)

I’ve seen you look for love
in everything that is over-sized.
You went to beaches,
hoping love would hop out of the waves
looking very metaphor-esque.
You stared at the moon,
waiting for it to confess
that it has hidden ‘the one’ in
the folds of its white poetry paper.
You asked the mountains if they had seen it,
hoping love was somewhere in the brown maze.
Instead, they echoed back tales
of lost men with galaxy eyes.

I remember you asked me
why you couldn’t find love.
Do you remember what I told you?

Look for love in the small things
like pizza boxes and coffee mugs.
Love likes to hide in weird places,
like 9 am buses that you take together,
brunch, and cartoon boxers.
Fuck the seas;
look for love in big blue guitars.
Stop peeking into boxes of perfect,
you won’t find it there.
You’ll find love sitting on drum-sets
and eating breakfast cereal.
Sometimes, you might even find it
in the alleys of a broken heart.

I told you this.
If love absolutely has to hide in something over-sized,
look for it in my white shirts.

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  1. Humans do tend to look for things in places where they are most unlikely to find it.
    Thank you for this sweet reminder. 😊
    Loved the title “ little pockets of love” and of course the content.❤

  2. Loving is a choice, a point of view, an openness to experience itself, and it’s often that which we overlook which forms it’s true foundation. Your words ring true to me!

  3. I’m amazed how breezily you have captured the whorls of emotions and churnings that accompany love.
    Precious precious words, loved every little pocket!

  4. Indeed a beautiful one! True, it’s the basic human nature that we look for things outside whereas the little joys of life are found in small things of daily life. Same with love.

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