How to: Be happy

How to: Be happy

What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments section below. Enjoy!

Come out of the metaphorical closet, that you thought kept you safe.
Wear your favorite hat and pull it off with a grin.
Lay on cold grass in the park and listen to the rustling leaves tell you stories of love and the wind whispering poems of broken twigs.
Binge-watch a tv series or cartoon. (FRIENDS, preferably.)
Talk to a stranger every once in a while and listen to their answer when you ask “What is your happiest memory?”
Wrap that cozy blanket, that reminds you of your loved one, tightly around you, and dream about sunshine and hope.
Believe in sunshine and hope.
Every now and then, when you walk on the street, do a subtle dance move and giggle endlessly. Hippety-hop.
When home alone, walk around naked and accept every part of you. Your body is a masterpiece, the finest canvas for your emotions.
Love someone endlessly and unconditionally.
Look in the mirror: Because trust me, you are beautiful.

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37 thoughts on “How to: Be happy

  1. Riding a bike through my neighborhood like a kid on an expedition; a phone call from my son; fluffy, swirling clouds that make my imagination soar

  2. Walking through a maze of boulders; standing atop our neighbourhood hill and seeing the sunset; greeting the beautiful morning, even when that morning is starlit; listening to children giggle and laugh.

      1. Your blog is great. You wrote your heart out, which less bloggers do, even I was just thinking that how everybody is now focussing on more commercialisation rather than writing.

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