How often do you think about me?

When someone touches your hair,
Laughs at your jokes,
Hurts you,
Or just watches you giggle endlessly,
Do you wish that it was me?
When someone pushes you away
To pull you closer,
Looks in your eyes
And smiles with curled lips
And crinkled eyes,
Do you wish that it was me?

When someone gives you roses,
Or adventure and Love,
When someone wraps his arm
around your shoulders,
Do you wish it was my heartbeat,
My arms and my warm grip,
Do you wish that it was me?

When someone holds your hands,
Rubs your palms,
Kisses the back of your hand,
Holds it forever,
Do you wish it was the folds of my fingers,
And hope in my eyes?
Do you wish it was me?

Do you think about me as often
As blades think of cutting,
And the band-aid of healing?

Do you, as often
As the sun of burning,
And the water of drowning?

Do you think about me as often
As the clock of ticking away,
And the days of making us wait?

Do you think about me as often
As I think of you,
Or not at all?

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  1. You just penned my heart into the papers! Even my thoughts were (and ‘are’) drifting over the same question, that will they think about me the way I think about them!
    Thank you for this poem!

  2. I swear I imagined some old English writer weaving these words together with so much pain and love, it was almost beauty. Then I read your name and thought, Of Course! I love how the last line after all that emotional cressendo with imagery just finishes this piece perfectly.

  3. This makes me cry! Since I’m reaching the end of my life, I think that I am crying for a different reason then most of your followers. It makes me think of a song by Adele. But beautifully different!xo

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