Greetings from yesterday.

This poem is on a on a more chilled out note compared to a few other poems I’ve been writing lately. So you might notice a slightly different writing style. Tell me if you like it in the comments. I got a prompt from TTT to write a poem on ‘if memories wrote back’. This is it. I hope you enjoy it :)

I’ve spent days wondering what I’d do
if someday, my mailbox overflowed
with letters from my yesterdays.
I’ve imagined opening my mailbox
and being greeted by 2008 ‘my first movie in theatres’
or one of my ‘drunk voicemails to exes’,
maybe even that trip to Troy.
I’d shuffle through the pack of letters from my yesterdays
and read a bunch.

I think my first pick would still be
the envelope with a little broken heart –
Ninth grade, 2014.
I’d read about how the brunette
rushed into the history class
and how she and I spent the day
becoming story-tellers in school uniforms.
I’d read about how our story ended.
Then I’d read the black envelopes
of all the horrible things I’ve done.
I know my memories would show me no mercy.
The blue ones would be my conversations
with the sea and the sky.
The brown would be my secrets.

If my memories ever wrote to me,
there would be drawings on the envelope,
the envelopes would be rainbow,
the rainbows would make me pale.

I’ve always wondered
what I would do if all the people
and the moments I’ve left behind
morphed into letters of red, white, blue envelopes
and ‘Harry Potter-ed’ me.

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  1. Such a beautiful and enthralling post! Loved it! Especially the “Harry Potter-ed me” part! And a great idea, too- If my memories wrote to me. Great poem.

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