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26 AUG 2018 

art work

When it comes to art, Layers of life are peeled out of you. 

12 AUG 2018

Blind hearts.

A poem on a blind man, and his literal blindness compared to our metaphorical blindness.

31 JULY 2018

an interview with god

A small conversation with God wherein I ask a few questions I've always wanted to ask.

25 JUL 2018

A tale of the five senses

She was walking down one of the oldest and most crowded streets of town.

14 JUL 2018

Addicted to love

"I am addicted. She is my bottle of vodka. She is my cookie crumbs. She is the…

30 JUN 2018

eyes and love

Excerpts from a book I'll never write.

04 MAY 2018 

A rainbow unicorn that reminds me of things I love

What do I think about? Is it love or my family? Or is it a wonder trip and all-nighters? 

22 APR 2018

a list of things about her

This is probably the shortest poem I've written so far, but I really liked the concept.

07 APR 2018 


So I tried something new in which I had to write the poetry in exactly a hundred words.

11 FEB 2018 

Just read it till the end, please! Goodbyes can be such a pain in the ass. I'm not ready for it.

06 FEB 2018

love poetry

I don't know why every time his fingers trail my bare waist, I feel much more than just the...

03 FEB 2018

You'll find this weird, but my three favorite colors are sunsets, shells and rainbows.

28 JAN 2018


"I'll make up for all the years I was supposed to be kissing you." - Leo Christopher.

11 JAN 2018

whisky flowers

"She's at peace, and yet somehow on fire." - Samantha King 

04 JAN 2018

He did not remind me of big pretty things like the moon. He did not remind me...

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